728eeb4e9f3259 A compendium of the kavita of Kusumagraj, arranged in alphabetical order.

This article talks about the Kavitā Sangraha, a book authored by Dr. Kusumāgraj. It contains all his poems organized in alphabetical order with their translation into English and Hindi language for readers to enjoy them even if they are not fluent in Marathi. This also includes an index to all his published books arranged in alphabetical order.

Dr. Kusumāgraj (1910-1994) was an Indian Marathi poet and literary scholar, born in the Margaon Taluka of Sindhudurg District. He translated about 100 books for children and also wrote plays for the stage. His other works include "Kavimātiprakaraṇa" (Portrait of Poets), "Kavitā Sangrah" (Poetics of Poetry), "Bhakti kavita Sangraha" (poems on Bhakti) and two books on Shivaji, viz., "Shivajirao Maratha Chalisa" and "Shivaji Sahitya". He also wrote a book "Grāī-Bhāṣā" or "Songs of Songs" in Marathi. He was awarded the 1982 Sahitya Akademi Award in Marathi for his work "Kavitā Sangrah". The Dr. Kusamagraj Kavita Sangrah Pdf 224 winners in the 2016 Kavit Award for Poetry were:

1. Kusumagraj Kavita Sangrah, Dipankar Chudamani, English translation by Ushakov Baji, Gokul Books, Pune, India

2. Kavitāni, Kusumagraj, published by Kusumagraj Smarak Samiti, Pune India

3. Kavitāni Marathi, Kusumagraj Smarak Samiti Pune India

4.Kusumagraj kavita sangrah English translation by Ushakov Baji Gokul Books Pune IndiaThis article gives an overview of the life and works of Dr. Kusumagraj who was an Indian Marathi poet and literary scholar. He was popularly known as "Kusuma" in the literary circles all over Maharashtra. He was amongst the top poets of Maharashtra .
He was born in the Margaon Taluka in Sindhudurg District in 1910. He earned Ph.D in Marathi language in University of Poona in 1940. He started his career as a teacher from Sanskrit College, Pune and worked up to the post of Head of Department for Marathi at Government Arts College, Pune. In 1953, he left academic life and started writing for newspapers and magazines. In 1957 he settled down permanently at Kasturba Math Institute, Pune where he taught till 1984 . Kusumāgraj wrote several poems on Shivaji Maharaj which were published under the title "Shivajirao Maratha Chalisa".
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